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Fic: So You Want to be a (Space) Wizard

So You Want to be a (Space) Wizard (580 words) by Redrikki
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015), Young Wizards - Diane Duane
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Finn (Star Wars), Poe Dameron, Rey (Star Wars)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Wizards, Alternate Universe - Fusion

Finn finds a mysterious book, takes and Oath and starts one hell of an Ordeal.

Fic: Old Haunts (All We've Ever Known)

Old Haunts (All We've Ever Known) (1131 words) by Redrikki
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015), Star Wars - All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Characters: Anakin Skywalker | Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ben Solo | Kylo Ren, Rey (Star Wars)
Additional Tags: Force Ghosts, Canonical Character Death, Skywalker Family Feels

Anakin frowned at his idiot grandson all but praying to the warped remains of his old mask. “Why bother asking me here if you’re not even going to listen?”

Obi-Wan coalesced beside him, shaking his head. “A Skywalker ignoring the wisdom of his elders?” he tutted. “I’m shocked, just shocked.”

Fic: the Owl and the Son-of-a-Squib

The Owl & the Son-of-a-Squib (1175 words) by Redrikki
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Downton Abbey
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mary Crawley/Matthew Crawley
Characters: Matthew Crawley, Isobel Crawley, Mary Crawley, Elsie Hughes, Joseph Molesley
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Hogwarts, Culture Shock, Squibs, Meet-Cute
Series: Part 3 of Houses Alike in Dignity

Matthew and Isobel Crawley were quite shocked when an owl swooped down and dropped an envelope on their breakfast table.

Fic: A Matter of Precedence

A Matter of Precedence (257 words) by Redrikki
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Finn (Star Wars), The First Order (Star Wars), Stormtrooper Character(s)
Additional Tags: Harm to Children, Execution

FN-2187 wasn’t the first, except for the time he was.

Fic: Hungry Heart

Title: Hungry Heart
Fandom: The 100
Character: Bellamy Blake
Rating: PG
Prompt: fan_flashworks #144 Memory
Summery: It had been so long, Bellamy couldn’t even remember what being full felt like.

The morning after the Unity Day dance... or on AO3
Not a Drop to Drink (529 words) by Redrikki
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015), Star Wars - All Media Types
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Rey (Star Wars), Luke Skywalker
Additional Tags: Coda, Grief/Mourning, Introspection

On Luke's island, Rey couldn’t quite get her mind around the sheer amount of water stretching out towards the horizon.

Title: The House Elf and the Lioness
Fandom: Downton Abbey/ Hogwarts AU
Characters: Sybil Crawley, Tom Branson, Mary Crawley
Rating: PG
Summary: "Honestly Sybil, he's practically a house elf," Mary exclaimed when she caught them kissing in the stacks.

Despite what Mary would later say, Sybil hadn’t fallen in love with Tom Branson because he was muggle-born.

Yuletide Round-Up

So, Yuletide 2015 has been and gone. I received a fabulous Minority Report story called After, Now by lc21. It was everything I had asked for and then so, with a great exploration of Lara Vega and some excellent world building. Thanks again lc21!

I also wrote a bunch of stuff including:

Gonna Share My Tin Man Heart for milleniumrex
Ultimate Spiderman (comics) featuring Jessica Drew and Kitty Pryde.
Kitty moves in. Kitty moves out. Moments in between.

Li'l Gumshoe for ohargos
Pushing Daisies featuring Penny Cod, Emerson Cod, Olive Snook, Chuck, and Ned
Young Penny Cod was nine years, two hours, and forty-three minutes old when she found the book which changed her life. Like hundreds of other little black girls who would encounter Li’l Gumshoe, she felt as though it had been written just for her. The difference was, Penny Cod was right.

We Were Orphans Before for arid
Ultimate Spiderman (comics) featuring Jessica Drew and Peter Parker
The first time Jessica ran into Peter after the Wave she grabbed him into a hug.

Eureka Moment for coffeesuperhero
Interstellar (2014) featuring Murphy Cooper
The night she solved the equation, Murph had unprotected sex for the first time in her life.

Ms. Lonleyhearts for famacneil
Dollhouse featuring Adele Dewitt, Victor, and Sierra
Adelle knew Victor was a lover at heart.

After Curfew for shell
Ms. Marvel featuring Disha Khan
Disha Khan lay awake and wondered what she had done that Allah would give her such a daughter.

Only a Motion Away for bluestonearcher
Earth's Children book series featuring Durc
The mother and child reunion is only a motion away

Fic: Element of Freedom (Legend of Korra)

Title: Element of Freedom
Fandom: Legend of Korra
Characters: Opal, Korra
Rating: PG
Challenge: fan-flashworks #137 Air
Length: 493 words
Summary: Three people encouraged Opal to go to the Northern Air Temple. Here's what Korra said.

Opal and Korra danced and the wind danced with them

Yuletide Letter 2015

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for agreeing to write a story for me. I’m sure it will be great. Since you probably don’t know me, I guess I should tell you a little bit about my likes/dislikes.

Likes: I usually prefer gen, especially focusing on platonic and familial relationships. I’m interested in found families, biological families, younger siblings, sidekicks, clones with identity issues, friends who become lovers and friends who don’t. I like crossovers and aus which reveal interesting aspects of the characters. I enjoy outsider POVs, unreliable narrators, and women being well rounded human beings. I enjoy a good character study and have serious respect for ones with actual plot since that’s something I tend to struggle with. The thing I am really looking for in my Yuletide present is a nice kick in the feels.

Dislikes: I am not into romantic plots and tropes, or graphic sex. I’m not entirely opposed to romance, but I prefer it not to be the focus of the story. I’m not a fan of alternate setting aus and I don’t really get a/b/o. I have a huge embarrassment/humiliation squick and have issues with infidelity, so please avoid those.

I’m not interested in anything seasonal or holiday-related.

Minority Report (TV 2015) - Dash, Lara Vega

The hints of world building we’ve seen in this show are fascinating and I’d like some more, please. What were people even charged with under pre-crime? How did psychic visions jive with the rules of evidence? Where was the ACLU during all of this? Did no one notice they were living in a dystopia? A story focusing on these issues would be great, but something at least partially document-based (news feeds, law suits, court transcripts, etc.) would be awesome.

Alternately, you could go more character focused. What was it like for Dash and/or Vega immediately after pre-crime? How has working with Dash changed Vega’s views of pre-crime? What was Dash's childhood like?

Peaky Blinders (TV) - Ada Shelby, Michael Gray, Polly Gray

The Shelbys and their family dynamics pretty much make this show for me. Ada hates what her family stands for but loves them as individuals. Michael is torn between his birth and adoptive families and the expectations of both. Polly and what she will and won't do for family.

The show has a lot to say about class, ethnic discrimination and respectability politics. It also has hints that magic and the supernatural are real. If you can find a way to work both into your story, that would be swell.

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - Susanna Clarke - Arabella Strange, Jonathan Strange

I’d like either one of two things. Option 1: Arabella moving on and not wearing black, hopefully with a little help from her friends Emma Pole and Flora Greysteel. What is the fallout of the events of the book, both for the characters and England as a whole?

Option 2: Jonathan Strange & Nr. Norrell return to England after 100 years of darkness. How does Strange deal with the culture shock and his wife being long dead? How has the reintroduction of magic effected world history, especially as it relates to World War I?

The Venture Bros - Dean Venture, Hank Venture, Rusty Venture

The Venture family dynamic is so hilariously dysfunctional and I’d like you to explore that. I’d love it if the twins could meet their father’s younger self, through time travel, de-aging or whatever. What would that interaction be like? How would it effect things going forward.

Alternately, this fandom needs an MCU Iron Man crossover. Little Rusty and Tony bond over being the sons of super-scientists. Rusty and Tony at a conference or fighting over a government contract. Five times they met and one time they respected each other. You get the idea.

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing. Thanks again for my no-doubt awesome story.



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