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Fix: St. Athanase Day

Title: St. Athanase Day
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Characters: Adrien Agrest, Plagg
Summary: Episode tag to Chat Blanc. Adrien and Marinette's beret the second time around. She always forgets the card, but she still signs her work.

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October writing round-up

Despite my intention to do Whumptober, I only managed a handful of prompts. Still, I did manage seven stories which, for my, is certainly nothing to sneeze at, especially lately.

Stranger Things

It Lingers
- They say the Mind Flayer is gone, but El can still feel it clawing under her skin.

Date Night
- Everyone and her mother thinks she and Steve are dating and Robin's getting sick of it.

Miraculous Ladybug

Intrepid Reporter
- Alya won't let a little thing like danger stop her from reporting the truth.

Better Than Ice Cream
- Orange/mint/raspberry, Kagami/Adrien/Marinette. The solution to every love triangle should be polyamory, but sometimes things aren't that simple.

She-Ra & The Princesses of Power

The Good Soldier
- On the sliding scale between Catra and Adrora, Lonnie's always been closer to Adora, but what does that mean when the paragon deserts?

Umbrella Academy

When Evil Rains
- Klaus gets taken hostage and it goes poorly for everyone.

The Broken Earth

Seismic Shift
- Schaffa tells himself he will stop if Eitz says no. WARNING noncon and child sexual abuse.

Yuletide Letter 2019

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for agreeing to write a story for me. I’m sure it will be great. Since you probably don’t know me, I guess I should tell you a little bit about my likes/dislikes.

I usually prefer gen, especially focusing on platonic and familial relationships. I’m interested in found families, biological families, younger siblings, sidekicks, clones with identity issues, friends who become lovers and friends who don’t. I like crossovers and aus which reveal interesting aspects of the characters. I enjoy outsider POVs, unreliable narrators, and women being well rounded human beings. I enjoy a good character study and have serious respect for ones with actual plot since that’s something I tend to struggle with. The thing I am really looking for in my Yuletide present is a nice kick in the feels.

I am not into romantic plots and tropes, or graphic sex. I’m not entirely opposed to romance, but I prefer it not to be the focus of the story. I’m not a fan of alternate setting aus and I don’t really get a/b/o. I have a huge embarrassment/humiliation squick and have issues with infidelity, so please avoid those.

DNW: I’m not interested in anything seasonal or holiday-related. No smut please, either.

Thanks again for your sure-to-be-awesome fic.

Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis:
Michael Davis, Merope Ward, Polly Churchill, Colin Templer

This is my go-to series when I need to restore my faith in humanity. I am looking for a story which makes me feel the way the books do: a little sad, but ultimate hopeful and a little uplifted. Remind me that love transcends time and death and make me cry. Blackout/All Clear are my favorite books of the series. If you could find a way to cross them over with the MCU, Bletchley Girls or Indiana Jones, you would officially be my favorite author.

Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse
: Miles Morales, Peter B. Parker, Gwen Stacy

The relationship between these three was lovely. Miles cleared Peter and Gwen’s skin, watered their crops, and cured their depression. I’d enjoy something where they return the favor. Cross dimensional mentoring. Peter helps Miles work through his Aaron-related grief. Miles and Gwen grow closer. Peter and Gwen finally discussing the fact she killed her Peter. Getting the band back together to stop a dimension-hopping baddy. You get the idea.

MIsfits (TV 2009):
Nathan Young, Kelly Bailey, Alisha Daniels, Curtis Donovan

I loved season one, enjoyed season two, and am forever grateful that the series ended with the milk man episode. I really enjoyed the way the show blended some fairly dark stuff with absurdist humor and snappy dialog. Nathan is my favorite character, but I enjoy them all. I could only list four for the request, but I’d love something with all the ASBO Five, especially something focusing on the underused relationships in the show.

Queer Eye RPF:
Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Tan France

Queer Eye is just a genuinely heartwarming show about a group of gay Hufflepuffs trying to make the world better, one person at a time. I adore them all, but could only list four for the request. I’m looking for a crossover episode where the Fab Five do their thing for a superhero’s civilian identity. My top three picks are Peter B. Parker (Into the Spiderverse), Clark Kent (Superman), or Marinette Dupain-Cheng (Miraculous Ladybug). I’d also accept Stephanie Brown (Batgirl comics), Kate Kane (Batwoman TV), elderly Bruce Wayne (Batman Beyond), Jennifer Pierce (Black Lightning TV), Wally West (Justice League cartoon), Connor Kent, Artemis Crock, or any Roy Harper clone (Young Justice cartoon).

Cat Scratch Fever

This has been a month. As I mentioned back in my last Wednesday Reading post back in September, my cat Cumulus went into renal failure. What followed was a whole lot of running around trying to find him medical care. Let me tell you, the Cornell University Companion Animal Hospital is pricy, but they get the job done. Once I brought my sweet boy home from the hospital, I had to take him back for multiple appointments to check his blood and the device. On Monday, he had a blood test which indicated that he's recovering! I was so relieved I had one of my classic de-stress migraines. Good times, but at least he cuddled with me through it. Anyway, the upshot is that it took me forever to actually finish the novel I started back at the end of September.

What I Just Finished

Terrier by Tamora Pierce. Was this a fantasy police procedural? A murder mystery? A thriller? Who cares, it was fun either way. I enjoyed Beka as a character, even if she seemed way more mature than you'd expect at her age. I guess it gets harder to write convincing teenagers the older you get, especially when you're writing them as junior cops in dangerous situations. I also liked that she didn't hook up with anyone. Like, yeah, Tamora Pierce's weird thing for men 6 years older than her protagonist did make an appearance, but Beka resisted temptation. 

Having grown up on The Song of The Lioness series, I was intrigued by the differences in Tortall society between the two series. Like, on the one hand, folks in Beka's time are more accepting of women in more martial roles. On the other hand, slavery. 

What Am I Currently Reading

Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce. I just started. There are counterfeit coins and a riot. Good times. 

What I'm Reading Next

Something physically light. I'm flying and I'll want something to read on the flight. 

Fic: Date Night (Stranger Things)

Title: Date Night
Fandom: Stranger Things
Characters: Robin Buckley, Steve Harrington, The Party
Length: 1,849 words
Summary: Everyone and her mother think they're dating and Robin's getting pretty sick of it.

I wrote this for the Netflix Original Exchange. Authors were revealed on Friday, but I forgot to post it. Whatever. Enjoy

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Title: Better Than Ice Cream
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Prompt: Tear-stained
Characters: Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Adrien Agrest
Summary: Orange, mint, and raspberry could be a tasty combination. The solution to every love triangle should be polyamory, but sometimes it's just not that simple. Spoilers for Love-Eater.

Read on AO3 or
Title: Intrepid Reporter 4
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Prompt: Adrenaline
Characters: Alya, Nino
Summary: Alya and Nino in the aftermath of Heroes Day

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Hey, remember when I was going to try to be consistent about these? ::Wistfully:: Yeah, me too. Anyhow, here's wonderwall.

Title: Intrepid Reporter (3)
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Character: Alya
Summary: The very thing that makes Alya a brilliant reporter is the thing that makes Lady Wifi her worst self.

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Tis A Gift To Be Simple

[community profile] fandomgiftbox exchange is finally live after several delays. Being an indecisive bitch, I couldn't think of what to request, so I just filled other people's gift boxes instead. Here's the ones I actually managed to finish. I may someday manage the one about Erica from Stranger Things. Someday.

Title The Good Soldier
Fandom: She-Ra & The Princesses of Power
Recipient: [personal profile] guinevak
Summary: On the sliding scale between perfect soldier Adora and useless malcontent Catra, Lonnie was closer to the Adora end of the spectrum. How the hell had Catra made Force Captain before her? Catra was just going crash and burn and Lonnie? Lonnie would let her.

Title: Seismic Shift
Fandom: The Broken Earth Series - N.K. Jemisin
Recipient: [personal profile] fairleigh
Schaffa tells himself he will stop if Eitz says no. This one will be allowed to say no. The boy says nothing at all.
Warnings: Child sexual abuse, referenced child abuse, dark shit in general.

Title: Intrepid Reporter (chapter 2)
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Character: Alya Cesaire
Prompt: Gunpoint
Length: 307 words

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