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Flash in the Pan

Over the weekend, I participated in the Flash in the Pan fic exchange. I got four gifts. Four!

1. Home-cooked meal - by [Unknown LJ tag] 
Agent Carter (TV)

Peggy tried to make a nice meal after Jack is released from the hospital. It doesn't go as planned. 

2. A Dam Fine Cup of Coffee by [Unknown LJ tag] 
Agent Carter (TV)

"So that dishwater you used to inflict on us back in New York was on purpose," Jack said.

Peggy gave him an arch look. "Of course it was."

3. Hospital Dine-in by [Unknown LJ tag] 
Agent Carter (TV)

Peggy's in the hospital after being rescued from Leviathan. Daniel and Jack bring her something to cheer her up.

4. A Good Cup of Coffee by [personal profile] sholio 
Agent Carter (TV)

Making coffee is one of Peggy's jobs at the SSR. She's just not very good at it.

And last, but not least, here's my story:

Title: Taste of Nostalgia
Fandom: The Umbrella Academy
Characters: Allison, Vanya
Warning: Discussions of eating disorders, vomit, and Reginald Hargreeve's shitty parenting
Summary: Allison and Vanya visit Griddy's for old times sake.

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Fortified I'll Rise

 Today I had my first experiment in yeast bread making. It could have gone better. I've been growing my own yeast. It started off well, but by today it was smelling a tad vinegar-y. I decided to use it anyway. By then I'd already hauled down my mother's ancient stand mixer from the attic and I meant to use it, by gum! It was completely filthy, so I spent a good half-hour getting it clean. And then I went and dirtied it back up.

I decided to make the Cuban bread recipe from my New York Times Cookbook because it seemed fairly easy and I had all the ingredients. After mixing, I let the dough rise in a greased bowl in a sink full of hot water while I talked with my mom. Did I not let it rise long enough? Don't know, but it didn't rise again once it was in the oven.

In the end, the flavor was good, but it came out dense and chewy, rather than fluffy. Tomorrow I will take down the fondu pot that I've never used and make something to dip it in for lunch.

If anyone has any suggestions for my next to around, please let me know.
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Fic: Panem and Circuses: A look at the woman who made the Games

Title: Panem and Circuses: A look at the woman who made the Games
Fandom: Hunger Games
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1,178
Warning: Harm to children
Summary: As Panem prepares to celebrate the Third Quarter Quell, Games Gab takes a look back at the brilliant innovator who almost singlehandedly transformed the Hunger Games from a rather tedious affair mandated by the Treaty of Treason into the entertainment juggernaut they are today.

Written for the Worldbuilding Exchange 2020. Go read the rest of the collection. It's cool.
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We are the warriors who built this town

Hey, all. I'm not dead, just really bad about consistent posting. Lately, it's been a real struggle to stay motivated or find pleasure in things which once brought me joy. Is this what depression feels like?

Anyhow, the Worldbuilding Exchange went live and I got not one, but two gifts!

Bats on the Brain
(Batman comics)
Starting from Dick's tenure as Robin, the social media of Gotham reacts to the line of Robins and Batgirls.

This thing is brilliant. The fake social media platform names! The inside jokes! The public reaction to the batfam has never been funnier.

(Umbrella Academy)
A collection of excerpts from news articles and journals, licensed and unlicensed partially-fictionalized accounts, and (of course) the controversial autobiography by Vanya Hargreeves herself.

So very meta in a way that leaves me wanting more.
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February 2020 Writing Round-Up

Once upon a time, I had the creative juices for a half-dozen stories a month. Not so any more. In February, I managed to squeeze out two in two different fandoms. Here, a few days late and several dollars short, are my offerings for the past month.

Star Wars

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - Depa stumbled free of the maze, back into the atrium for the Lothal Temple. There was just one problem. The man kneeling between the desiccated bodies of the ancient Jedi was not her master. (Depa Billaba & Kanan Jarrus) Written for the Past Imperfect Future Unknown time travel exchange.

Agent Carter

Odds on Favorite - And to think Peggy might never have known about the office betting pool if Daniel hadn’t asked her to dinner. A workplace comedy set between seasons 1 and 2. (Peggy Cater/Daniel Sousa, Jack Thompson). Written for Chocolate Box exchange.

For March, I've signed up for the Worldbuilding exchange and actually have an idea about what I'm going to write! It's practically a miracle! I also have prompts left for me by a couple people that I'm still kicking around. Rest assured, I'll get to them eventually. Are there any other neat exchanges coming up? I find that I feel more motivated these days when it's a structured thing with an actual deadline.

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Did you join the great fallen back in 1915

I haven't bothered with Thursday recommendations for a while, but this series utterly devoured my brain during the months where it was updated twice-weekly, so I just have to share it now that it's done.

Do you liked Downton Abbey? How about well-researched historical fiction? How about gay romance set against the backdrop of World War I? How do you feel about gross sobbing? I know I did it more than a few times reading it.

I give you the Halo Effect series by [Unknown LJ tag] 

Part 1. Halo Effect - When Thomas rescues Lady Mary from the nefarious attentions of Turkish houseguest Kemal Pamuk, his employers and coworkers begin to see him differently...and Things Get Better. A Season One AU diverging from canon in Episode 3, The One Where The Turkish Gentleman Dies in Mary's Bed.

Part 2 - Soldier's Heart - Following the events of "Halo Effect," Thomas Barrow goes to war. A season two AU.

I hear the author plans a season three in the long term, but is currently working on a one-shot set in WWII where Thomas and his boyfriend take in an evacuee from the blitz.

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Fic: Odds on Favorite (Agent Carter)

Title: Odds on Favorite
Fandom: Agent Carter
Characters: Peggy Carter, Daniel Sousa, Jack Thompson
Rating: G
Length: 726 words
Notes: This was written for [community profile] chocolateboxcomm exchange for [Unknown LJ tag] Authors reveal was Friday. As you can see, I am failing at my New Year's resolution to be a better, and more consistent blogger.
Summary: And to think Peggy might never have known about the office betting pool if Daniel hadn't asked her to dinner. A workplace comedy set between seasons 1 and 2.

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Supernova by Marissa Meyer

The third and final book of the Renegades series has a lot going on. Reversals are the name of the game. Characters go from allies to enemies to allies again. Characters are in and out of jail. Couples fall in and out and in love. One group's moment of triumph turns into their biggest defeat. Talk about action packed!

As fun as the plot was, the thing I loved best about this series and this book is the complication of what it means to be a hero. Starting back in book one, there is the question of what it takes to be a hero. Is it cool powers? Is it intentions? Is it outcomes? Is it about obeying the laws? Or is it about doing what's right, laws be damned? Meyer seems to come down on the idea that powers don't matter, but that intentions moderated by consideration of outcomes do.

Anyway, I enjoyed the series. The first book was my favorite. It grabbed and held my attention from the get-go, but, honestly, the whole series was really good. Would definitely recommend.

I gushed about my thoughts on this over lunch with friends the other day, and now I can't seem to form a single coherent thought about it. It probably doesn't help I've got the debate playing in the background and can't concentrate. Oh, well, if you like superhero books, this is a good one and a nice, but loving deconstruction.
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Worldbuilding Exchange 2020

Dear Author,

Thank you for agreeing to write for me. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Since you probably don't know me, here's a quick primer on my likes and dislikes which might come in handy.

Likes: I usually prefer gen, especially focusing on platonic and familial relationships. I’m interested in found families, biological families, younger siblings, sidekicks, friends who become lovers and friends who don’t. I'm always down for outsider POVs, especially ones who are ignorant or unreliable narrators. For the purposes of this exchange, that can include anything from newspaper articles and academic writings to stories narrated by the preverbal man on the street. Feel free to play around in terms of genre and formatting. When it comes to canon characters, I'm always a big fan of character studies and have serious respect for ones with actual plot since that’s something I tend to struggle with.

Based on my selected fandoms, it looks like this year's running theme is super heroes and superpowers. When it comes to this genre, I'm a big fan of super identity shenanigans; the physical and psychological tole of heroism; and the public's response to heroes and powered individuals.

Dislikes: I am not into romantic plots and tropes, or graphic sex. I have a huge embarrassment/humiliation squick and have issues with infidelity, so please avoid those.

Do not want: Smut, incest, student/teacher sexual relationships, character bashing, graphic depictions of sex or bodily harm.

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