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The boys are back in town

My mom and I are having a grand time during her visit. Every time she comes, I end up spending so much money. Last time she was here, she helped me find a dining room set. Yesterday, I bought a sofa and loveseat for my living room. I'll take pictures when it comes, assuming I can figure out how to get them off my tablet and on to the internets.

I introduced her to the Umbrella Academy and we finished it last night. She enjoyed it and went on a wild ride of being charmed by Leonard to horrified. She originally liked Vanya too as she has often felt as though she didn't belong, but was pretty ambivalent about her by the end. I've seen the series three times now and each time I have a new appreciation for a different character each time. I really clicked with Allison this time. Unlike the others, she's already in the midst of her upswing when do the series starts. She's already acknowledged her claws and made the decision to get and be better. On the one hand, it makes her arc feel a bit truncated. On the other, it means she's already a more mature and empathetic person than the rest from the word go.

Before Mom came, I had a surprisingly productive writing month. I've gotten my groove back, or nearly anyway. I wrote four stories in four fandoms, in of which was an exchange gift which won't be revealed for months.

Truth Will Out (Black Lightning),

Three times Anissa thought about telling Grace and one time she did.

Iconic (Umbrella Academy)

When Vanya learns Klaus is gay from a teen magazine, she's upset for more than a few reasons.

The One You'll Know By (Batman comics)

After losing his memory, Bruce asked After not to tell him about Batman, but he's beginning to suspect that he left some other thing out. Like, say, his kids.
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