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Supernova by Marissa Meyer

The third and final book of the Renegades series has a lot going on. Reversals are the name of the game. Characters go from allies to enemies to allies again. Characters are in and out of jail. Couples fall in and out and in love. One group's moment of triumph turns into their biggest defeat. Talk about action packed!

As fun as the plot was, the thing I loved best about this series and this book is the complication of what it means to be a hero. Starting back in book one, there is the question of what it takes to be a hero. Is it cool powers? Is it intentions? Is it outcomes? Is it about obeying the laws? Or is it about doing what's right, laws be damned? Meyer seems to come down on the idea that powers don't matter, but that intentions moderated by consideration of outcomes do.

Anyway, I enjoyed the series. The first book was my favorite. It grabbed and held my attention from the get-go, but, honestly, the whole series was really good. Would definitely recommend.

I gushed about my thoughts on this over lunch with friends the other day, and now I can't seem to form a single coherent thought about it. It probably doesn't help I've got the debate playing in the background and can't concentrate. Oh, well, if you like superhero books, this is a good one and a nice, but loving deconstruction.
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