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February 2020 Writing Round-Up

Once upon a time, I had the creative juices for a half-dozen stories a month. Not so any more. In February, I managed to squeeze out two in two different fandoms. Here, a few days late and several dollars short, are my offerings for the past month.

Star Wars

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - Depa stumbled free of the maze, back into the atrium for the Lothal Temple. There was just one problem. The man kneeling between the desiccated bodies of the ancient Jedi was not her master. (Depa Billaba & Kanan Jarrus) Written for the Past Imperfect Future Unknown time travel exchange.

Agent Carter

Odds on Favorite - And to think Peggy might never have known about the office betting pool if Daniel hadn’t asked her to dinner. A workplace comedy set between seasons 1 and 2. (Peggy Cater/Daniel Sousa, Jack Thompson). Written for Chocolate Box exchange.

For March, I've signed up for the Worldbuilding exchange and actually have an idea about what I'm going to write! It's practically a miracle! I also have prompts left for me by a couple people that I'm still kicking around. Rest assured, I'll get to them eventually. Are there any other neat exchanges coming up? I find that I feel more motivated these days when it's a structured thing with an actual deadline.

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