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August 5th, 2019

So long Frank Llyod Wright

My mom is gone off to spend a week with my sister and I'm back on the internet. It was really good to see her again. We had a lot of fun visiting some local museums, eating at local restaurants, and just tooling around. I think I managed to ruin museums for her forever, but, if I have to suffer, then so does she. I've been working at a museum for just over 10 years now, and I've developed THOUGHTS and OPINIONS about object labels, fonts, and layout that sometimes make it hard to appreciate the actual content of exhibits because I'm so focused on the craftsmanship. I'm supposed to be reading about Glen Curtiss and his airplane designs, but instead I'm like "this font needs to be bigger for and should have serifs to make it easier to read."

We also watched a lot of TV. Like, a lot. Not only did we watch Stranger Things 3, Umbrella Academy, Russian Doll, and 2 seasons of Queer Eye, we also watched a couple of movies including Into the Spiderverse, Otherhood, and Always Be My Maybe. I really enjoyed that last one and I usually don't enjoy romantic comedies. It helped that this one was actually, you know, funny with witty dialog and douchebag Keanu Reeves. My mom really enjoyed Into the Spiderverse and was charmed by Queer Eye. It basically became our go-to comfort show every time we turned on the news and learned about a new mass shooting. Yay America!

Each time my mom visits, she ends up helping me furnish a room. At the end of the month, my new couch and loveseat should arrive. In the meantime, we found the perfect area rug on Saturday, and it looks so good there. Pretty soon I'll have a house that looks like a real adult person lives there.


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