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year of the cat

Rockin' Drabble

This week's open_on_sunday challenge is rock and roll.

Generation Gaps
Season 2- The Dark Age

Buffy aerobicised to her beat and Giles thought his brains would leak out his ears. He could remember how his parents felt about his music. They had not appreciated the artistry of the Beatles. They hadn’t much cared for the sentiments Pink Floyd expressed in The Wall either. They had liked their classical, opera and big band swing and thought rock n’ roll was just meaningless noise, but Giles knew they were wrong. This was meaningless noise, just tones and a beat. Annoying tones to an irritating beat. Even Giles’ parents would prefer Bay City Rollers to this.
year of the cat

Exhausted Drabble

This week's Open_on_Sunday challenge is exhausted.

Season 1

Giles was not fond of coffee, but he drank it anyway. Once again there was danger afoot and everyone was counting on him to find out what it was and how to kill it. This was what being a Watcher was all about; long hours of thankless research. It was nearing 2:00 am and Giles imagined he could feel the caffeine hitting his system. His eyes burned, but he pulled another book off the stack. His Slayer would want all the answers so he must find them. No stone unturned, no book unread. The search must be exhaustive, exhausting, ex-zzzzzz.
year of the cat

Tax Drabble

This week's Open_on_Sunday drabble is taxes.

Season 2-Ted

It was another nasty letter from his insurer. Giles didn’t know what their problem was. This latest trip to the emergency room had been one of the few where he’d been conscious enough for all their bureaucratic nonsense. He’d called to notify, he’d filled out the right paperwork, so why wasn’t this being covered? He paid his premiums, they should bloody well pay to stitch his bum. Did they think accident prone demon fighters were too expensive to insure? Clearly, something was wrong with the American system. Oh to be in England where health care was what taxes were for.
year of the cat

Another Hot drabble

Season One-Teacher’s Pet

Southern California was purported to have a lovely climate, but Giles could barely stand it. For one thing, there was far too much sun. He could hardly step out-of-doors without feeling his skin crisp. What’s more, it was like that every day, not a whit of variation. And the temperature, leaving aside all that confusing Fahrenheit nonsense, was simply too hot. Here it was, just the first hint of spring, and already it was nearly 21°C. Considering the heat, was it any wonder the students dressed as they did? It was almost enough to make Giles reconsider his tweed.
year of the cat

Year End Drabble Blow Out

So, since I discovered the joy that is the drabble there have been a number I've written that I have not yet posted. And here they are. Some of them were from before I really got the hang of them, and you can kind of tell. They are loosely organized by theme.

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