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year of the cat

Passover Dinner

As the only Jewish character on the show, Willow gets the Passover drabble.

Passed Over
Season Three

On the first night of Passover the Rosenberg house was empty save one. Willow had opened up the Haggadah to the Four Questions. “Why is this night different from all other nights?” the page asked. A few years ago, there would have been matzah ball soup, wine for the prophet Elijah, and little Willow reading the Questions to her parents’ praise. But today this night was no different, so when Buffy called and asked if she wanted to come to the Bronze, Willow said yes. Staying in the empty house was like eating bitter herbs and parsley dipped in tears.
year of the cat

E-mail drabbles

This week's Open_on_Sunday challenge is e-mail.

You’ve Got Mail
Season One-I Robot...You Jane

He was sweet. Malcolm was sweet with all his thinking of you e-mails and not the least bit stalkerish. It was Buffy’s fault that she was even thinking like that. Here Willow had found someone who was actually interested in her, but instead of just being happy for her, her friends’ paranoia threatened to spoil it all. Okay, sure, the last non-Xander boy she’d flirted with had been a vampire, but Malcolm was sweet and didn’t live in Sunnydale. Their fear was silly and Willow refused to let each romantic “you’ve got mail” become a more ominous “you’ve got evil.”