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Young, Scrappy, and Hungry

Guess who was in my archives this morning? Ron Chernow! Spoiler alert, he's working on a book about the last decades of Mark Twain's life and, as our local chamber of commerce like's to advertise, we're proud to be where Twain remains. It's funny and punny because we literally have his rotting corpse. Anyhow, Chernow was in looking through a collection of material from Twain's in-laws. I mostly just made copies, but it's always nice to be able to get researchers what they need/want.

In other news, remember when I was doing flashback Fridays? Well, occasionally, so do I! Today's flashback is:

Pooka Boo
Dark Angel (TV)
Alec, Max, Original Cindy, Logan, undisclosed mythological creature
Maybe Ben's hallucinations started out cute and fluffy too.

This is the last of my old Dark Angel fics. I don't know why, but I only ever wrote them for the old da_halloween  exchange. It's a fun fandom to play in, but it was never quite my scene.

Speaking of fun Halloween stuff, please come and pick a prompt from my Wumptober prompt list. [personal profile] sholio left me one, but I want more.

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Flashback Friday: Another Day at the Office

Title: Another Day at the Office
Fandom: Dark Angel
Characters: Alec, Original Cindy, Normal
Rating: PG
Length: 907 words
Summary: Take Dark Angel, insert zombie apocalypse.

This was another one written for da_halloween back in the day. Specifically fir their 2009 April Fool's challenge. I don't think I wrote anything for this fandom that wasn't for one of their exchanges.
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Flashback Friday: Tricks & Treats

Tittle: Tricks & Treats
Fandom: Dark Angel
Characters: Joshua, Rita, Alec
Rating: PG
Length: 851 words
Summary: Joshua and Alec attend a party. Joshua eats little hot dogs and is diverting

I wrote this way back in 2008 for the Dark Angel Halloween Ficathon. The prompt was for a heist at a masquerade ball. There are a bunch of other neat stories there, so I urge you to check them out. Dark Angel is one of those shows I have feelings about. First season was way better in terms of plotting, world building, and making me like Max. While second season was generally less well written, it did give us Alec and Joshua, in addition to the dumbest cock-block plot in the history of television. You see why I am torn. Anyway, enjoy. 

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Flashback Friday: The Hedgehog's Dilemma

Title: The Hedgehog's Dilemma
Fandom: Downton Abbey
Characters: Thomas Barrow, Duke of Crowborough, Sara O'Brien, Sybil Crawley, Edward Courtney, Jimmy Kent
Length: 3,418 words
Summary: In a daemons AU Thomas Barrow has literal spikes, or at least his daemon does. Five warnings, four relationships, and one revelation.

I love a good daemons AU and it was fun to try my hand at one. This story also gave me a chance to play with smut and, yeah, really not my strong suit. Writing fellatio as a sex-repulsed female asexual is hard. How do people do that? I originally wrote this back in 2014 and my porn writing skills have not improved.

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Flashback Friday: Half a Phoenix

It's once again Remix season, so it's appropriate that today's flashback is from my very first ever remix exchange back in 2014. I enjoyed it so much, I've been doing them ever since. I got my assignment for this year's remix earlier this week and there's some great stuff to work with.

Title: Half a Phoenix (The Out of the Past and Into the Future Remix)
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters: Ozai, Zuko, Zuko's daughter
Length: 1,801 words
Rating: PG
Warning: Mentions past child abuse
Summary: Everyone has a lesson to teach. Ozai and his granddaughter learn a lot from each other.

This was a remix of [Unknown LJ tag] 's Out of the Past which is the second part in a four-part  Fireverse series focusing on Zuko's daughter, here called Ursa. She's a deeply cool character and I can not recommend the series enough. Writing the remix, I'd originally planned to tell the story from her POV (the original is from Zuko's), but I quickly figured out that my version needed to be from Ozai's for the ending to really land.

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Flashback Friday: Queen of Lower Chelsea

I confess I have a thing for clones. My mom and I look a lot alike. Growing up, my dad used to call us Clonee (mom) and Clonore (me) because he was allergic to using actual names. Seriously. I don't think I ever heard him call my mother Lois. It was always Tuffy or Martha or Petunia or what have you. Anyhow, clones. I like them.

So, given my natural predisposition to clones, I fell instantly in love with Ultimate Spider-man's Jessica Drew. I mean, a gender-flipped clone of Peter Parker struggling with her identity and her sexuality? How could I not be all over that? Thus the Queen of Lower Chelsea series. You'll notice that both the series and each of its installments come from Gaslight Anthem songs because that band is totally the soundtrack to Jessica's life and you can not convince me otherwise.

On to the stories!

1. Stop Clicking Your Read Heels - Following her introductory comic, Jessica Jessica Drew takes a shower and her first steps into her new life.

2. And Everybody Used to Call You Lucky - Jessica stumbles across a bag of drug money. Peter can afford to do the right thing, but Jessica doesn't have that luxury.

3. Fingertips That Might Ignite - Peter is straight like a straight thing. Jessica isn't sure what she is. (Jessica/Johnny Storm, Jessica/OFC)

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Flashback Friday: Seven Stories of Uncles and Nephews

As I mentioned yesterday, I signed up for [Unknown LJ tag] 's charitable exchange in support of detained immigrants. I signed up to write for Umbrella Academy, Avatar, Batman comics, and some other fandom I can't remember. Here are instructions for how to get fic from me or anyone else in the exchange.

Funnily enough, my co-worker just came in to tell me that there will be a vigil/protest in the park at 5pm in support of detained immigrants. Three guess where I'm going after work and the first two don't count. Of course, after that, I will be going to fencing because sometimes you just need to stab a bitch.

I'm still debating whether or not to sign up for this year's Alternate Universe Exchange. I think I've finally gotten my creative juices flowing again enough to write for it, but I can't figure out what I'm fanish enough about right now to request. I think I'll keep an eye on it until sign-ups close on Sunday and make a decision then. Or, at the very least, forget it's a thing until the deadline has passed and pretend that constitutes a decision.

Hey, all. Remember when I was going to do weekly flashback Fridays? Finally so did I! Without further a do: your flashback!

Title: Seven Stories of Uncles and Nephews
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters: Iroh, Zuko, Toph
Length: 950 words
Rating: G
Summary: Seven short stories focusing on Zuko and Iroh's relationship

I originally wrote this for Irko Week back in 2009. God, it's been so long.

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Flashback Friday: Damian Wayne Gotham's Youngest Man of Mystery

Title: Damian Wayne: Gotham's Youngest Man of Mystery
Fandom: Batman comics
Characters: Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Titus the dog, Alfred the cat, Bat-Cow
Length: 1,120 words
Despite being the son of one of Gotham's most prominent citizens, little is known about Damian Wayne. A Gotham Gazette reporter sits down with the family for an exclusive interview with the city's youngest man of mystery.

Notes: This was originally published in 2013 and has become one of my top 10 most popular stories. I'm pretty fond of it too. I love me some outside POV and unreliable narration, and having a story narrated by a reporter who's not in on the masquerade combines them both. Strangely enough, I did that again for a Star Wars story I wrote last year.

Anyhow, read it on AO3 or Collapse )
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Flashback Friday: Gather Up Every Wayward Lock

I actually wrote something this week! I'm so proud of myself after several months in the creative doldrums. Check out Good Housekeeping. Speaking of flashbacks, it's for Misfits, a fandom that went off the air like 5 years ago that I am somehow just getting around to writing. Whatever. Enjoy! Give me praise!

I took the day off so my employer wouldn't have to pay me overtime for working two Saturdays in a , and I actually accomplished a bunch of stuff despite sleeping in an hour. I took the trash to the , and the yard waste to the compost pit, got my car inspected, bought groceries, and found a new primary care physician. That's way more than I ever manage at the office.

On to our flashback!

Title: Gather Up Every Wayward Lock
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Characters: Katara, Azula,Toph
Length: 352 words
Summary: Just a little character study about the girls doing their hair.
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Flashback Fridays: An Odd Place For It

Hey, all. Remember when I was going to do flasback Fridays every week until I ran out of old stories? Occasionally I do too. On that note, let's do the time warp again!

Title: An Odd Place For It
Fandoms: Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Buffy Summers, Rupert Giles, Jenny Calendar, Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris, Cordelia Chase.
Length: 3,328 words
Rating: PG
Summary: Southern California is an odd place to find a horcrux but there are stranger things in the Sunnydale High School library.

I wrote this back in 2005, long before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows came out. A lot of HP/Buffy crossovers have the Buffy gang older than Harry and co. for some reason, but the two stories take place at roughly the same time. Why don't more people play with that? If there was anyone who could tell Harry to maybe do some critical thinking about the nature of prophecy, it would be the girl who died (but not for long) thanks to the one about her.